2 Bedroom Villa with 1 Bedroom Guest House in Banos de Fortuna

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2 Bedroom Villa with 1 Bedroom  Guest House in Banos de Fortuna
For Sale €149,999 - VILLA
2214 130 m² 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 500 m²

We are very proud to offer for sale, this lovely 2 bed home with shower room and an extra WC, together with a casita (guest house)Large living room/bedroom. with a further showroom, kitchenette.

The house is located only a few metres away from the famous spa baths of Fortuna, with multiple hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as the spas and outdoor heated pools.

Back to the house, the main gate leads to a good size area to the front of the house, with a large covered area, and a storage room.  The guest house is to the right and the main house to the left.

The car port leads to the rear garden, with enough space for a pool to be installed, and with this being urban, this would be no problem.

As you enter the guest house, you are greeted with an open plan design, with an L shaped main room, set out as a living and bedroom, a small kitchenette, and a fully fitted shower/wc room.

The main house has a utility room accessed from the outside, then the door into the main area – this is a corridor leading to the living area, kitchen and bedrooms.  There is a WC as you enter the house, and the large light living room has great patio doors, allowing ample of space and light.  This room has a further door to the main bedroom, although this is also accessed via the corridor along side the family bathroom and the second bedroom.

Houses in this area are well sought after, and is on the edge of the boundary between urban and rustic, so there are plenty of walking routes etc.

This house is ideal for modernization, and is in good condition, but would enjoy being freshened up.

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