3 Bedroom Country Finca with Private Pool and Beautiful Views

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3 Bedroom Country Finca with Private Pool and Beautiful Views
For Sale €165,000 - COUNTRY HOUSE
2378 128 m² 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 2 Garages 7000 m²

Carousel Homes are delighted to offer this 3 bedroom Country finca sitting in an elevated position of almost 7,000 m2 , and 360 degree views. The property is situated on a quiet hillside between La Romana and Alguena.

The Property is all on one level and briefly comprises a large terrace for al fresco dining, a good sized living/dining area, 3 double sized bedrooms , kitchen and recently renovated bathroom. The property is also alarmed.

Outside, there are 2 large out buildings currently used as a garage and a workshop. The water balsa has been converted into an ample sized swimming pool of approximately 5.5m x 4.2m. There are numerous fruit trees including fig , olive and Almond. Room for numerous cars to park after entering the property via Metal double gates.

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