Stunning Villa with Pool in La Zarza

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Stunning Villa with Pool in La Zarza
For Sale €299,995 - VILLA
2172 320 m² 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage 8500 m²

We are delighted to bring to the market this stunning 4/5 bed villa in la Zarza.

The current owners have painstakingly renovated this property to the very highest of standards over the last 5 years and all this hard work has created a truly stunning property and home. 

The upper floor is currently set out as one large bedroom with the two original bedrooms being used as two lovely sized dressing rooms (but this is easily converted back if you need the extra rooms) there is also a lovely ensuite bathroom and a private terrace which really shows off the amazing mountain views that this area has to offer. 

The downstairs of the property offers a lovely large dining area and lounge that are divided by double doors that can be opened up to create one huge area that is just perfect for when friends and family come over for a celebration, both of these rooms have large log burners for the chilly winter months, leading of the dining area with its massive and stunning granite breakfast bar is the lovely kitchen that is supported by a laundry room and separate pantry,

This floor also has three truly wonderful bedrooms that are built into the mountain ensure an even temperature all year round and also a family bathroom. 

Outside there is a gated drive that could easily fit 6 cars a massive garage that could be converted, set up as a games room storage or endless possibilities there also is a stunning walled in area around the pool with pergola which is perfect for have a drink and BBQ while you relax in the shade, 

There are also two further plots making up the total of 8500sqm with 28 olive trees figs almond and a pear tree.

This property really is a must see to appreciate the quality of spec from the light fixtures to his and hers AC and much more.

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