6 Bedroom Country House With 10.000m² Land

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6 Bedroom Country House With 10.000m² Land
For Sale €248,000 - VILLA
2162 228 m² 6 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 0 Garage 10000 m²

Carousel Homes are pleased to present this country house in Petrer. It is located about 10 minutes from the Poligono de les Predreres. It consists of a field of about 10.000m in which there is a house divided into 2 floors, the top floor has 3 large bedrooms with lots of light, a bathroom with bath, a kitchen, a living room with fireplace with two woodsheds one on each side and a canopy with awnings to cover you from the sun in summer which has direct views of the pool. The ground floor consists of 3 large bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a kitchen with pantry, and a door leading to the terrace with barbecue, has a living room with fireplace and a large canopy with a corridor that leads to the garden and barbecue.

It has a swimming pool with 2 staircases, one removable and the other one inside the pool, the motor of the pool and pool items has a room in the lower part of the house.

There is a storage room at the rear of the house.

In addition to a pool of 10m x 5m wide of 9000 litres there is a garage for 5 cars, barbecue, garden, land with olive trees and a mountain.

It has two access gates, one sliding and the other electric, paved access on the street and from the door to the house also paved.

The property is sold fully furnished and with electrical appliances.

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